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My First Time – S10:E2


Ivi Rein, Amirah Adara, and Leo Ahsoka have scheduled a girl’s weekend. They arrive at their rental house and exclaim in pleasure as they look around. What Leo doesn’t know is that Ivi and Amirah have more than friendship going on.After Ivi and Amirah retreat to a bedroom to go make out, Leo eventually grows bored of being by herself. She goes in search of her friends and find them with their tits out and lips locked. After the initial shock wears off, the girls invite Leo to join them.Although she’s reluctant at first, Leo finds herself enjoying the warm embrace of her best friends. Soon enough, Leo is more than into it. She’s mewling with delight as her shirt comes off and Ivi and Amirah tag team her tits, especially her nipples. Gently pushing Leo into Ivi’s arms, Amirah kneels between Leo’s thighs to feast on her juicy cooch.Now that Leo has seen how it’s done, she gets braver. She turns onto her knees so that her mouth is at the perfect pussy feasting height and goes down on Ivi. Since Leo is still in the middle, Amirah takes the opportunity to lick at Leo’s anus.When it’s time for Amirah to have some fun, the girls turn the tables on her beautifully. Ivi gets her mouth busy between Amirah’s legs while Leo cuddles close and runs her fingertips reverently all over Amirah’s tight body.Rolling onto her back, Ivi pulls Leo onto her mouth for a good pussy tonguing. Meanwhile, Amirah goes back to work for her girlfriend’s delight, lapping at Ivi’s clit until Ivi’s hips are bucking. Finally sated, the girls share a three-way kiss as they reflect that their weekend getaway is suddenly going to be a whole lot hotter.

Date: February 18, 2024

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